how to get smoke smell out of wood furniture

How to get smoke smell out of wood furniture?

Owners of furniture made of wood need to know many things on how to clean wood furniture. Appropriate cleaning is among the crucial steps to preserve the items. Without that, the items will not last for a long time. Within the matters of furniture cleaning, there are numerous aspects to know.

One of the things is the way on how to get smoke smell out of wood furniture. The smoky scent that often sticks to any furniture made of wood can be annoying for some people. Therefore, it is good to know the proper tricks to deal with it. Surprisingly, it requires the same method to eliminate any odor on any wooden furniture items. So, how to do this the right way using the appropriate materials?

Absorbing the smell is one thing to do on how to clean wood furniture. It is easy to do with just a bit of baking soda as the material. Nevertheless, it is best to try it out on one corner of the furniture item beforehand. So, sprinkle a bit of it on one corner and let it sit there for at least an hour. After that period, vacuum it up using any brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. Check the result and continue.

In terms of how to get smoke smell out of wood furniture, it can take hours. If the furniture surface handles baking soda very well, it has to sit there between two and eight hours. So, it requires all surfaces of the furniture to be under the baking soda. Leave it that way up to eight hours before cleaning the mess. That is the initial step of eliminating odor on wooden furniture.

When eliminating smell on how to clean wood furniture, there are more things to do. The next step involves a mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar. The solution acts as a cleaning agent that will also eliminate any scent. Apply the mixture to a sponge and rub the surface gently in circles. It minimizes the chance of damaging the surface of the furniture items. If it is okay, continue the process.

After that, let the item to air dry without placing it under direct sunlight. The next thing to do on how to get smoke smell out of wood furniture is to apply citrus cleaner. It comes with a fresh scent of citrus that helps with the smoky odor of the item. Use a soft cloth to apply the citrus cleaner gently to the surface of the furniture items. Apply it in sweeping circular moves for the best result.

Those are the ways to get rid of the smoky scent of wooden furniture. Nevertheless, it is possible to minimize the aroma during the production stage. It is okay to ask the maker to let it air dry for a long time. Otherwise, tell the maker to make sure that there is no smoky smell on it. So, eliminating odor is among the things on how to clean wood furniture for sure.

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