How to Clean Wood Furniture from Dust? 3 Simple Methods to Do

Best way to dust wood furniture? Even if you use furniture like tables or chairs every day, such stuff is still often dusty. It is normal particularly when the weather is dry and quiet thermal. But sure, you should not let it be that way. Make sure to clean it regularly so that the dust is not accumulated and causes the furniture to look worse. Moreover, there are some methods of cleaning wood furniture that is relatively easy and even cheap. Here they are.

Using a Wet Rug

The first best way to dust furniture is by using a wet rug. For removing dust, it is indeed much more recommended to use a wet rug than the dry one. Unfortunately, there are still many people who think that using a dry rug is effective enough. This method is not necessarily good for dusty furniture as it just moves dust from one part to another not really cleaning it.

So, a wet rug is a better solution. To do it, soak the rug in a bowl of water. If you also want to remove the stain, pour a teaspoon of cleaning liquid into the water. Squeeze the rug until there is no water dropped. Then, wipe it gently to the dusty furniture. Only in a few minutes, you can see your furniture is free from dust.

Using a Feather Duster

This traditional method is considered one of the most effective ways to remove dust from wood furniture. Indeed, talking about the effectiveness, using a feather Duster is still below using the wet rug mentioned in the previous point. But if you prefer a simpler and faster method, you can choose this one.

A feather duster tends to lift dust by letting it attach to it. That’s why your wooden furniture can be cleaned by simply wiping it. But for the best result, it is much better to also clean the Duster after using it around 3 or 4 times. If there is too much dust on it, it will no longer be effective to clean your furniture later.

In addition, there are some types of feather dusters. They are originally made from real feathers, whether from chicken or oysters’ feathers. But in this modern-day, you can find dusters made from artificial materials like fabrics and the like. Uniquely, they have still named feather dusters. You can buy this type as it works similarly to the real feather dusters in terms of effectiveness.

Vacuum Cleaner

Maybe, this last method is the most effective one. Of course, there is high technology in it. To use it, you only need to turn on the vacuum cleaner and direct its head to your wooden furniture. The vacuum works by sucking the dirt and dust, you must be careful also. There must be a space between the vacuum head and furniture when cleaning it. It is to avoid strong pulling to damage the surface of furniture.

After using the vacuum cleaner, remove the dust from the container so that you can use it more practically later. So, do you have other ideas of how the Best way to dust wood furniture?

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