How to clean mold off wood furniture

How to clean mold off wood furniture? Having mold on your wood furniture is not good news at all. Mold can ruin the look of your wooden furniture. Of course, it can damage your furniture as well if you do not clean it as soon as possible. It can be a pretty common problem in many houses but many people do not have any idea about how to clean wood furniture from mold. You only need to follow these steps and get your wooden furniture mold-free.

Cleaning Solution

To kill the mold permanently, you have to choose the right cleaning solution. Your method on how to clean mold off wood furniture will be able to work properly if you use a mold killer that can penetrate the wood surface. Fortunately, you have various options of the mold cleaning solution you can use. You can use bleach, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, distilled vinegar, and regular detergent for cleaning. Using commercial products to remove fungi will also work. The efficiency of the mold killer solution will depend on the severity of the problem.

Protective Gear

Why do you need to clean the wood furniture from mold? It might be for the wood furniture itself but you actually protect your family since the mold and mildew substances can be dangerous when you inhale it. that is why when following the steps on how to clean wood furniture from mold, you must not forget to wear the necessary protective gear. You do not want to make the powerful cleaning solution touch your skin as well. Some important protective gear includes an air mask, rubber gloves, safety goggles, coveralls, and spray bottles.

Scrub and Sand

Now you have prepared the cleaning solution. You are also wearing protective gear. It is time to do a lot of scrubbing. It means that you will need a scrub pad or clean brush for this purpose. Since you do not want to ruin the surface of your wooden furniture, you should choose low abrasive products. The very first step on how to clean mold off wood furniture is to spray the cleaning solution to the affected area. You can scrub your brush in a circular motion until you cannot see the discoloration any longer. Remember, you have to do it gently. Unfortunately, scrubbing will only work to prevent the regrowth of the mold. You need to go deeper when cleaning the wooden furniture. In this circumstance, sandpaper will do the job.

Clean and Dry

Last but not least, you cannot just leave the wooden furniture right after scrubbing and sanding. You still need to clean up your working area. You do not want to leave any mold residue that can lead to mold growth in another area. For final cleaning, you will need paper towels or rags. It might be a small step but it will do great to prevent the mold spread. After cleaning the wooden furniture, the last step on how to clean wood furniture is to place the furniture in a dry area with good ventilation. You can use fans as well to make sure that its surface is completely dry.

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