Where to Buy Quality Wood Slabs For Sale Online

Find High-Quality Wood Slabs for Sale at Furniture Indonesia to Start DIY Wooden Furniture Projects

You have to prepare wood slabs to start DIY wooden furniture at home. It is the rawest version of wood. Indonesiawoodfurniture is a furniture company that is also ready with wood slabs for sale. Before that, learn how to get the best wood slabs for your project at home.

The Reason To Use Wood Slabs

Wood slabs are perfect for those who love to see something natural. You will get the wood’s real and most natural texture and shape. Imagine that no two slabs are the same. They always have different colours, characters, and grain. Some people use this material because it is durable even after a few years. The model is also unique. You may find a wood slab with checks, knots, and holes.

The Use of Wood Slabs

Wood slabs are suitable for furniture, including tabletops, bar counters, benches, conference tables, and dining tables. Let’s say you can use a wood slab as a coffee table at home. Wash the board and brush it with coconut oil. Prepare a metal frame and put the board on when it dries. Do you need a new bench? Creating a DIY bench project from a wood slab is a great idea. You only have to cut the slab based on the size you want. Apply a waterproofing product and screw it into the steel legs. This product is also good for a natural wooden table. Let the slab be its natural model. Then, give it a proper finish. That’s it! You have a new wooden table at home. It is a simple DIY wood slab project for beginners. The most important thing is having enough wood slabs supplied at home. Get wood slabs for sale as many as you need at FurnitureIndonesia.co.id.

Tips to Take Care of Wood Slab Furniture

A wood slab is extremely durable, no matter the weather. You don’t need a complex treatment to care for wood slab furniture. Try to clean up your wood slab furniture once a week to remove any dust. Thick dust on the furniture can create scratches in the finish. Cleaning the surface from dust with a soft and dry cloth is enough to keep the beauty of the wooden furniture. It is okay to apply dust polish spray, but ensure that the product doesn’t contain silicones. Put the furniture under a tree, umbrella, or any cover to prevent direct sunlight for too long.

The Place to Find the Best Wood Slabs

Nowadays, you can find wood slabs for sale online, such as at FurnitureIndonesia.co.id. It is a furniture manufacturer from Java, Indonesia. There are various products, including bowls, tables, chairs, and cabinets. They craft furniture from various materials, such as teak wood, mahogany wood, Suar wood, bamboo, rattan, and many more. The manufacturer also supports people who want to start a DIY wooden furniture project. That’s why they are ready with wood slabs for sale that you can use for any furniture. The design of the slab varies, and it is attractive enough, along with a competitive cost.

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