How to Clean Wood Furniture: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to clean wood furniture


Are you a lover of furniture made of wood? When you decide to have wood furniture, you should regularly clean your wooden furniture so that it always looks shiny and new. Do you want to know how to clean wood furniture effectively and efficiently? Take a look at the following tricks.

How to clean wood furniture when it’s dirty

It is suggested that you clean your wooden furniture every day to avoid any thickened dust on it. Why? It is because thickened dust can make your furniture not shiny anymore. So, first, clean the dust using a rag or duster.

It is recommended that you clean your furniture every day from dust that sticks using a duster or a cleaning cloth. If you do not clean it every day, dust can cause spots on your furniture at home. Of course, unwanted spots will lessen the beauty of your wooden furniture.

Second, clean wooden furniture from liquid immediately. You sometimes accidentally spill liquid, for example, drinking water, milk, or coffee, on your wooden table, especially your dining table. When it happens, do not wait any longer to clean it. Do it straight away before it seeps into the furniture pores.

When the spilled liquid seeps into the pores, it potentially causes dampness on your wooden furniture. The dampness will let some fungus grow up and leave whitey spots that are more difficult to remove from your furniture.

Third, you need to clean the area using a brush. This is a common way on how to clean wood furniture which has cravings or gaps. It’s probably difficult to clean using cloth or duster. Therefore, a brush is utilized.

Make sure that you use a soft brush so that it will not scratch the surface of your wooden furniture. Moreover, cleaning it with a brush can also remove any spider’s webs which sometimes are found somewhere on the hidden parts of your furniture.

Fourth, you can also make use of leftover tea water to wipe your wooden furniture. Tea water can also be applied as a cleaner for your wooden furniture. The trick is to simply dip a clean cloth into the remaining tea water, then apply it to the surface of your furniture. After it dries, your furniture will look cleaner.

How to clean wood furniture from fungus

The fungus becomes one of the crucial problems when we talk about taking care of wooden furniture. Of course, you will feel sad when you see fungus-mold spots on your favorite wooden furniture. What makes you even gloomier is maybe trying hard to clean, while the ways you use actually harm the wood. Take a look at the following steps to deal with fungus on your wooden furniture.

First, place your wooden furniture in a dry place. Furniture should be placed in a dry place to prevent fungus. It is important because the fungus likes to proliferate in humid places and it leaves molds on your wooden furniture. Mold stains on the wood are difficult to clean and can cause hard-to-remove dirty spots.

Second, consider doing a fungus removal from wood furniture outdoors. It is to avoid spreading mold spores indoors when you brush the mold. However, make sure that you do not do the cleaning directly under the sunlight because it can also damage the polish of your wood furniture.

If you want to do this indoors, you need to open all doors and windows to allow good air circulation. Use an air purifier during and after the furniture cleaning process to rid the room of mold spores that are released into the air during the cleaning process.

Third, use an anti-fungus cleanser to avoid any other fungus attack on your furniture. You can start with the mildest cleanser product, then, gradually try stronger ones until you find the most appropriate formula to prevent spores growth.

You also have to keep in mind that different products will react in different ways to furniture because of the composition of wood, coating (varnish), and wax (coating material made of wax) according to their respective characteristics.

Dirt and fungus are common crucial problems to wooden furniture. So, you have to really take care of it. Well, those are some tricks on how to clean wood furniture. Have a try!

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