4 Things to Consider before Buying Outdoor Bench Cushions

Outdoor bench cushions are an interesting accessory part for your outdoor bench. When you are going to buy some bench cushions for the outdoors you need to put your attention on the details in order to add comfort for you and your guests. Here are 4 tips that you can follow before you go to the furniture store.

  1. Bench cushion size

The first thing you should pay attention to is to determine the size of the bench cushions. You can adjust the size of the bench cushions to the size of the sofa you have at home. If you have a large bench, then the size of the right cushion is 60 cm x 60 cm.

Meanwhile, if the bench is small, a cushion size of 40 cm x 40 cm is the right choice. Don’t choose the wrong pillow size! Besides, you need to consider the number of cushions that you want to put on the bench, for example 2 cushions for a 1.5-meter bench.

  1. Waterproof bench cushions

Material is one of the most important things to know before choosing a bench cushion. Choose a bench cushion material that is certainly waterproof. Because the cushion will be placed outside, there is a possibility that it will be more susceptible to rain.

You can choose a bench pillow that contains Dacron; while the pillowcase is made of waterproof synthetic leather or polyester. So, you don’t have to worry when accidentally water splashing onto the cushions. By choosing a great quality wood bench cushion, you can have a comfortable mood.

  1. Wood bench cushion color

The choice of the color of the bench cushions can be a crucial thing. If the bench color is dark, you should choose lighter colors for the cushions. However, keep in mind that the tone should remain the same.

You also need to see the dynamics of colors around the garden. If your garden has been dominated by green color from the plants, it’s better to choose other light colors, except green, for the outdoor bench cushions to make the atmosphere livelier.

  1. Bench cushion motifs

Well, besides the colors, another thing that usually makes you overthink is when you have to choose a bench pillow with the various motifs available. Of course, a bench pillow that has an interesting motif will look beautiful. It is recommended for you to choose a motif that can support the view of the scenery around the bench.

The most important thing you have to pay attention to is not to choose the wrong motifs that can distract the view and atmosphere of the garden. You need to adjust the motif with the layout of your yard or garden in which you placed the wood bench.

Spending time with family does not have to be by hanging out. Sitting and relaxing on some wood benches in your small garden. You can get a variety and high quality of outdoor bench cushions at Indonesiawoodfurniture.com

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