4 Beautiful Red Wood Species for Durable and Stylish Furniture

Beautiful red wood species. Woodworkers love to use redwood species because it produces unique furniture. Redwood species are also durable enough to moisture. That’s why it is perfect for outdoor furniture. The wood’s characteristics and texture are also versatile, making it easy to work with. Here, we give you the example of beautiful red wood species for furniture.


Mahogany is perfect for furniture due to its straight, OK, and grain. The timber also doesn’t have a lot of voids and pockets. The reddish-brown color produces unique and attractive furniture—the older the age of the wood, the darker the color of the wood. The durability makes this wood not quickly rot in any condition or weather. Some woodworkers also use mahogany for boat construction and outdoor decking. Mahogany consists of big-leaf mahogany or Swietenia Macrophylla, Cuban mahogany or Swietenia Mahogany, and Swietenia Humilis. Big-leaf mahogany is the most commercially grown species today.


Cedar is also a beautiful red wood species that is good for furniture. The timber is soft, with a straight grain and pleasing aroma. Like mahogany, red cedar wood is also durable for any condition and weather, including in a moist environment. It means that the cedar wood can’t easily find roots. As a result, the texture can’t quickly shrink, swell, warp, or decay no matter the weather. That’s why the timber is perfect for outdoor furniture, deck, patio furniture, and others. Porous is another excellent characteristic of cedar, so people also use it to absorb noise.


Like mahogany and cedar, Fir has a straight grain and a reddish-brown tint. Woodworkers often choose this wood for its affordable cost, yet it produces good quality furniture. Unlike other redwood for furniture, the texture of Fir is hard. Therefore, it can be the most solid wood compared to mahogany and cedar. The Fir timber is giant, with 10 to 80 meters or 33 to 262 ft heights and 0.5 to 4 meters or 1 ft 8 inches to 13 ft 1-inch trunk diameters when mature. Due to its characteristics, Firwood is suitable for indoor furniture.


Cherry is another popular wood for furniture. Woodworkers love to work with this wood due to its characteristics. You can even finish the table with oil, and it looks attractive. The color of the timber is also reddish-brown. Cherry is considered a hardwood, although it is not as hard as Fir wood. The drawback is the expensive cost that also affects the furniture cost. Cherry wood is costly compared to oak and maple.


Teak is another water-resistant redwood species with a golden-brown hue and oily surface. The texture is a bit hard. It is suitable for furniture, although teak is rare nowadays.

Buying redwood furniture is worth it. The material is durable in any weather. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor furniture. The furniture model is also stylish due to the natural color of the wood. The cost of the table is also affordable enough. A specific furniture manufacturer, such as Furniture Indonesia, is available with various beautiful red wood species furniture products that are stylish for most home interior designs. See also where to buy teak wood here.

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