how to restore wood furniture with vinegar

How to restore wood furniture with vinegar? You have spent a lot of money buying wooden furniture of high quality. It is not cheap at all to buy high-quality wooden furniture made from hardwood for instance. Nevertheless, the high price comes with a great look and long-lasting potential if you maintain the furniture properly. Yes, you cannot just buy and put it in your house without any maintenance effort to make your wood furniture last longer. You need to know how to clean wood furniture with vinegar.


You might be surprised with the wood cleaning method that uses vinegar in the process. It is not a new thing at all. White vinegar or any kind of vinegar has been used for a long time to clean wooden furniture. The result will be more than just making the wood furniture clean. It is more about how to restore wood furniture with vinegar.

But you have to prepare some ingredients for making sure that cleaning the wooden furniture with vinegar can work properly. Vinegar might be the main ingredient but you will also need other ingredients. You have to prepare a cup of water, a quarter cup of white vinegar, two teaspoons of coconut oil or mineral oil, and 15 drops of lemon oil. After mixing all of those ingredients, you can put the solution in the spray bottle. Do not forget about the soft cloth or microfiber cloth for rubbing the surface of your wooden furniture.


The mixed vinegar solution in the spray bottle can be applied directly to the surface of your wooden furniture. You can use the cloth to wipe off any stain and dust from its surface. Using vinegar on how to clean wood furniture sounds like a bad idea at first because you can imagine the unpleasant odor from the vinegar when it is applied on the wooden furniture surface. The strong vinegar odor will be covered by the lemon oil fragrance. You must not forget to share the spray bottle before every use. The solution is made of oil and water that will not mix well after being left for long.


After knowing how to restore wood furniture with vinegar, you might be able to determine the benefits of using vinegar as the homemade cleaner for your wooden furniture. You will not think that cleaning and maintaining the wood furniture is a hard job to do. It will not be expensive as well since making your cleaning solution from an everyday item is possible. You do not have to spend money for buying a commercial wood cleaning product any longer. Of course, since it is a homemade cleaner, it will be safer for the wooden furniture and the family member. There will be no chemical substance remain on the furniture surface since the cleaner is made from natural ingredients.


how to clean wood furniture is not only about using vinegar, after all. You can also try some other homemade cleaners to bring the new shine to your wooden furniture. You can use castile soap to clean your wooden furniture. You can also create homemade varnish remover and two-in-one cleaner and polish for wood furniture at home.

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