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Furniture manufacturer listing. As Indonesia is one of the biggest producers of furniture, you can find so many stores and manufacturers that produce furniture products. Of course, it is quite difficult to mention them one by one. While Jepara is known as the center of furniture makers, other cities and towns in this country may have their own. This way, the list will be very long.

Interestingly, you can do a simpler way to find the best furniture manufacturer in Indonesia without even creating a list. There must be a store or two that provides furniture products with high quality around. You only need to follow some tips below.

Know What You Need

Some manufacturers or stores of furniture may produce and provide all types of furniture. But some others can produce certain types of furniture only. For example, some stores only provide furniture from teak wood or rattan. Other stores only specialize in modern minimalist furniture. So, you must know what you need first.

Of course, if you already have a plan in mind regarding what kind of furniture to buy, it is much better to go to a store that specializes in one type of furniture only. But if you are confused and want to look for more inspirations, a manufacturer or store that has more options seems better for you.

The Manufacturer’s Credibility

Buying Indonesian furniture can also be risky for some reasons. Yes, not all manufacturers and stores are credible and trusted enough. That’s why making a list is often suggested to get the best one. But in case you don’t have time to make the list, try to do this one. It is by checking reviews and testimonials from previous customers. It is a simple method to know the credibility of a certain manufacturer.

For some new stores, it is probably quite difficult to find testimonials. But if you are interested in buying a product from it, you can learn about the characteristics of qualified wooden furniture first. Therefore, you can just know whether the product sold by the store to buy is really good or not.

Types of Furniture Material

Many types of wood are used for furniture materials. But of course, they have their own pros and cons. Teak wood is known as a high quality material for its strength and durability but it is also heavy to move around. On the other hand, there is also mahogany in which the quality is below the teak level but also lighter.

You can choose rattan or bamboo furniture for lighter and cheaper products. But sure, they are less durable and the treatment is more complicated. If the manufacturer you choose has a consultation session, it is just great. They will help you a lot in making a decision.

Furniture Shapes and Designs

Lastly, make sure to acknowledge furniture designs when choosing one of the Indonesian furnitures. It is mainly if you want to apply a certain concept at home. A simple and minimalist furniture design meets the modern interior better. On the other hand, furniture with details is recommended for the classic ones. In addition, for the furniture manufacturer listing, you can contact us.

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