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What is the best Indonesian furnitures with export quality? This question is kind of difficult to answer. Yes, Indonesia is a country located in the tropical area where the equator line passes it. It causes the country to have so many natural resources including wood and other materials for furniture. In other words, there are many types of furniture available here with high export quality.

At least, there are 4 types of furniture materials with high demands inside and outside the country. Sure, each of them has its own pros and cons. So, what are they? Here are the best furniture materials from Indonesia.

Teak Root

The name of teak wood is maybe very popular in the country but it is not really like that abroad. Yes, you can say that teak is one of the typical woods of Indonesia so that you will rarely find it outside. Teak, with the Latin name Tectona grandis, is well-known for its strength and quality. That’s why the price offered also tends to be very expensive. Interestingly, even the root of the wood is recommended for furniture.

The color of the teak root is mostly yellowish-brown. It is not found in all areas of the country. In Indonesia itself, this type of wood is mostly from Java and Sulawesi islands. Well, it is possible to grow teak trees in other islands like Sumatera or Kalimantan. However, the growth may not be optimal because the soil of those areas tends to be more acidic.

Being strong with high quality are indeed the main reasons why teak root is expensive, whether the raw one or them that has turned into furniture. But there are also some other reasons. The older the root, the better it is. It is getting stronger and more durable. So, you should not be surprised if your old and dull teak root furniture may price higher than the new one. Unfortunately, teak may not be a good choice if you prefer lightweight furniture. Yes, it is commonly very heavy so that moving it from one place to another can be a problem.

Mahogany Wood

Mahogany is the next great choice if you are looking for typical wooden furniture from Indonesia. Indeed, this type of wood may not be as special as teak since you can find it in other countries too. But Mahogany wood from tropical areas is considered better and stronger. That’s why Indonesia is a good exporter of this type of furniture also.

Mahogany wood has a softer and tinier fiber compared with teak. As the pores are very small, furniture creates from also tends to be smoother. The color of mahogany is reddish, particularly in the inner area. On the other hand, the outer part is dark brown. This type of wood is a good solution if you are looking for Indonesian furnitures that is cheaper than teak. Besides, the wood plates are lighter also. It makes mahogany a good furniture material if just love to move your tables and chairs from one spot to another.

But sure, there are some lacks also. Mahogany fibers are not as strong as teak. Besides, you must keep it clean and dry to prevent furniture from pests. For example, it is by reapplying outer varnish once a year, at least.


Rattan also has an export standard for some pros it has. This material makes furniture look more beautiful in nature. Yes, to turn it into a table, a chair, or a cupboard, you must apply the weaving technique. Even the patterns available are various to form whether modern or traditional furniture.

Rattan is very lightweight. Therefore, it is much easier for you to move your furniture from one place to another. Despite its lightness, the texture of Rattan is strong and not easily broken. Well, although rattan basically is not as strong as teak or even mahogany.

For the lack of material, rattan is prone to pest attacks. They are common insects and rodents. So, it needs special treatments to avoid this problem. Make sure your rattan furniture is layered and protected by varnish. You even need to reapply the varnish at least once a year.

In addition, furniture from weaved rattan tends to have many holes that cause dust to accumulate in them. It needs extra treatments to keep it clean and beautiful every day. So, which material of Indonesian furnitures do you like the most?

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