What is mango wood? Characteristics, Pros, and Cons of Mango Wood for Furniture

What is mango wood? Talking about materials for furniture, our mind may simply think about mahogany or teak woods. Other possibilities are rattan or bamboo. Of course, all the names you have mentioned above are indeed the best choices for furniture materials. But do you know that the options can be more than them?

You can use some other types of wood that are indeed not really popular for furniture. One of them is the mango tree. Yes, while this type is indeed mostly cultivated for the fruit, the wood is a kind of hardwood that can be utilized for furniture also. Below, there are some pros and cons of using mango woods for furniture. Check them out.

Pros of Using Mango Trees for Furniture

First, it has a kind of fiber with beautiful patterns and strong characters. Well, the pattern is unique, it is the curly pattern. You will not have such a beautiful pattern in other types of wood. Meanwhile, the color of the inner log is yellowish-brown. The light color owned by the tree makes it easier to paint.

Second, the mango tree is considered hardwood because its texture is indeed hard, making it strong enough for furniture and home fixtures. Commonly, furniture crafters turn it into doors for its strength. Besides, although it is strong enough, the mango tree tends to be quite lightweight. The strength and durability may not be as good as the teak wood. But it is more than enough for furniture and fixtures that are lasting for a long time.

Third, the sap or the gum of mango wood is also not too much. You can even say that it is very little in some types of mangos. This factor makes mango trees quite simpler to turn into furniture. It can accept some finishing processes well such as painting or varnishing. Of course, you still need to dry it well first.

Lastly, the price of mango logs is relatively affordable. It is if you compare it with other logs like mahogany or teak. This matter is reasonable. Mango trees are quite easy to plant and cultivate. You can even find them wildly in many places. As a result, furniture pieces that are produced from this type of wood are also relatively cheaper. This is very suitable if you want to save budgets for furniture while still expecting high-quality products.

A Con of Using Mango Trees for Furniture

Despite some benefits mentioned above, there is at least one problem that makes mango trees not perfect for furniture. It is a blue stain, what is it?

Just like the name, the blue stain is a stain in blue on the wood fibers caused by fungi. Unfortunately, this stain often causes the final result of the furniture to not be that good no matter how beautiful the pattern naturally is.

One of the solutions is by applying solid finishing. It is by applying strong colors like dark brown or even black. But if the client looks for natural finishing, the blue stain is still often seen. So, those are the explanations of what is mango wood.

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