Rubberwood Furniture Disadvantages – What You Need to Know

The disadvantages of rubber wood furniture disadvantages often come to people who search for cheap ones. When it comes to wooden furnishings, hardwood is the primary choice of many people. Unfortunately, it tends to be expensive. Therefore, some people look for cheaper alternatives when this so-called rubber wood comes into play. With its low price, it comes with a set of cons. It is crucial to think about the disadvantages beforehand.

What is Rubber Wood?

Before going any further to the terrible things of rubber wood items, it is best to know about this material first. It gets its popularity in the 1980s within the industry of timber. So far, it remains popular these days mainly due to its affordable price. Of course, affordability is not the only benefit that this type of wood offers. Another benefit to using this wood is its ease of getting a smooth surface out of it.

Regardless of its name rubber wood, it has no rubber in it. It is one of the variants of hardwood with a medium level of hardness. The texture is also medium which has a similar weight and density as either ash or maple. At some points, people call it either a Malaysian oak or Parkwood. Despite its popularity, there are numerous drawbacks to rubber wood furniture.

The Bad Things to Expect from Rubber Wood

One of the bad things that come along with this wood is that it deteriorates quickly. It has no natural defense against insect attacks and fungal staining. Those things will perish this wood in no time. Of course, this one of the rubber wood furniture disadvantages has its solution. A lot of harsh treatments using various chemicals are necessary to protect it appropriately. It can be costly for some people.

Another thing among downside of rubber wood furnishings is that it tends to warp and twist. It happens when the wood is not completely dry before the making of any furniture item. Therefore, it takes a proper kiln drying mechanism before using it for anything. Fortunately, after that process, it can be a sturdy and durable piece of wood.

Allergies are within the rubber wood furniture disadvantages. The common allergy that is the result of this material is latex allergy. Moreover, chemical allergy is also there due to the procedure to add protection to the wood itself. Therefore, it is best to avoid buying any piece of furniture made of this wood for those with allergies. It affects its functionality for sure.

Anyone who is in the market for outdoor furniture items should not consider this one. It is the last bit of setback to expect from this type of wood. It will not last for long to function as an outdoor furnishing piece. So, it is best to go for hardwood furniture to decorate an outdoor patio. With those rubber wood furniture disadvantages, it is best to use it for indoor areas. That way, it will last for a long time.

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