Is Redwood a Hardwood? Know the Facts

Hardwood has a higher density than most softwoods. Because of that, this wood is suitable for outdoor applications, including furniture, sidings, fences, and decks. The appliances will be more durable against moisture, rot, and insects. How about redwood? Is redwood hardwood?

The characteristics of Redwood

You have to know redwood’s characteristics to know whether it is hardwood or softwood. At a glance, this wood has reddish colour on its bark and heartwood. Some of them have a light pinkish-brown colour. The redwood grain is straight, with a coarse texture and low natural lustre. Despite the softness, this timber is durable enough against rot. The older the tree, the more durable the lumber. The log size varies from 200 to 300 ft or 60 to 90 meters tall, along with 6 to 12 ft or 1.8 to 3.7 meters trunk diameter. The weight of a dried plank of redwood can be around 26 lbs/ft3 or 415 kg/m3.

Hardwood Versus Softwood

We can differentiate hardwood and softwood based on the reproduction of the trees. Hardwood angiosperms mean that the trees produce their seeds in protective covering. On the other hand, softwood trees are gymnosperms that allow their seeds to fall to the ground and spread in the wind. Softwood is more affordable compared to hardwood. It is because softwood trees can grow faster and reproduce in greater quantities. Both are suitable for furniture, yet hardwood is good for outdoor furniture. You can use softwood to create indoor furniture, such as kitchen cabinets and doors.

Is Redwood a Hardwood?

So, is redwood hardwood? Based on the characteristics, we can classify redwood as softwood. It doesn’t matter if redwood is softwood because it is still premium wood. Redwood has a specific chemical inside the pores that makes it durable in any weather, insect, and rot. You can also mix this wood with elements or materials without decreasing its quality. It is a perfect option for those who want to create wooden outdoor furniture, including tables, chairs, cabinets,

Tips To Identify the Type of Wood

You can check the grain, colour, and visibility of growth rings. Hardwood is solid compared to softwood. Check also the cost of the wood. The cost of softwood is more affordable than hardwood. Softwood is also easy to use to create furniture or other wooden products. You can even handle softwood with machinery or hand tools. Hardwood has a bigger size compared to softwood. By identifying the detail of the wood, you know whether it is hardwood or softwood.

The Way to Find Redwood Furniture

Redwood furniture is popular because it is unique and attractive. Woodworkers also love to work with this lambert because it is easy to shape, cut, or treat to become high-quality furniture. Furniture Indonesia is one of the furniture manufacturers offering various redwood furniture products. The products use certain redwood to keep their quality. In the end, you are not only getting the answer of whether redwood is a hardwood but also its usage and the place to find redwood products.

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