Is mango a hardwood tree

Is mango a hardwood tree? Hardwood tree is a term commonly used for big trees with big and strong log textures. Furthermore, it also refers to some types of trees used to produce furniture. When you are asked to mention some examples of hardwood trees, you probably simply mention teak wood or mahogany. Yes, those types of wood are indeed in the hardwood category and they are ideal for furniture for many reasons.

On the other hand, mango trees are probably “only” popular for their fruits. Yes, mangoes are indeed sweet, refreshing, and delicious. But if you learn more about the tree, you will know that it can be turned into furniture also.

Mango Tree is a Type of Hardwood Trees

The mango tree has many characteristics to include in the category of hardwood. By seeing its appearance only, you can simply say that the tree is big and strong. When the tree has been cut off and divided into logs, the structure is indeed strong and hard.

Compared to other types of trees for furniture like teak or mahogany, mango trees are indeed not as strong as them. But they are not fragile either. Crafters even often use mango logs for doors or cupboards. The reason is clear, the logs are not easily broken. Even the thing plates of mango logs are not simply split.

But since its structure is still below teak and mahogany woods, the price tends to be cheaper also. Sure, it becomes fresh air and a solution for you who look for furniture with quality materials but the price is still approachable.

Other Characteristics of Mango Trees as Furniture Materials

Mango trees have other good characteristics that make them suitable materials for furniture. First of all, it has a typical natural color. The inner area of the log is yellowish-brown, lighter than some other material types. This natural color makes the mango tree more customizable. You can paint it with any color that you want without the natural color disturbs the result. Meanwhile, if you prefer maintaining its natural colors, it is beautiful too.

The pattern of the fiber is also unique and beautiful. It is curly, bringing a more stunning touch to the final result. Even many crafters love to highlight the pattern and make it more standout. Sure, this unique pattern is not found in other types of hardwood.

But despite all the good characteristics owned by a mango tree, there is something that makes it not completely perfect. This tree is easily attacked by fungi. Although it doesn’t damage the structure of the wood too much, fungi commonly leave a problem, namely the blue stain that makes its appearance less beautiful.

Blue stain is indeed a kind of stain in blue seen on the log layer. Furniture crafters commonly trick it by painting the log using solid and bold colors like rustic brown, black, and the likes. But sure, if the client wants it to remain natural, the result is not that good.

Despite all pros and cons, mango trees are good choices for your furniture. So, is mango a hardwood tree? Definitely, yes.

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