How to clean wood tables

How to clean wood tables step by step. Some people nowadays choose furniture table made of wood because it does look natural and luxurious. They also think that cleaning wooden furniture is risky and difficult. However, it is not necessarily true. It is actually easy if you already know how to clean wood furniture properly. In fact, these are some effective ways that can make wooden furniture shiny long lastingly.

  1. How to clean burnt stains on wood tables

Burnt stains particularly happen on your wooden table in the living room, especially if you are a smoker. It is because burnt stains on wood furniture are usually caused by matches or cigarettes that have not been completely suppressed. It is actually easy to deal with this problem.

First, take a fine filament towel and place it on one tip of a toothpick or small stick. Wipe the burnt stain gently and occasionally. A coarse cloth will detach stains from the wooden surface, so you have to be careful. Make sure you do not scratch the surface.

Then, use a thin layer of wax on the scrubbed wood surface. The burnt marks will soon be removed, and it will return to a flawless finish. It’s a piece of cake, right?

  1. How to clean wood tables from wax stains 

Another problem that you might encounter on your wood table is wax stain. You probably put a candle on the table when it’s a blackout in your room. It potentially puts your wooden table at risk of getting wax stains.

Do not ever try to use a sharp knife or fingernail to remove wax stains as it will cause scratches on the surface of your wood tables. The best thing that you can try is to take a thin sheet of plastic and use both hands to rub the wax off the table surface.

Finally, use a lenient sponge to absorb warm water. You can wipe the surface carefully until all the wax stains are detached, and no longer stay on your wooden table.

  1. How to clean white stains caused by hot plates

Another tip on how to clean wood furniture is removing white stains. This usually happens on your dining table which is polished with beeswax. When you immediately put a plate or glass containing hot food or drink on the surface, sometimes it leaves white spots or blisters on your wooden table. Of course, your table is not smooth and clean anymore; or probably you won’t see its beauty due to the stains.

If the stain is hard to clean, use a little ammonia water. Just drip a few on a towel dampened with warm water. Let the towel dry to absorb the stain.  After that, wipe it off with your hands. Finally, take out the layer of the wax.

Those are some tips on how to clean wood tables that you can try at home. Make sure that you do steps very carefully to keep the quality of your wooden furniture. It doesn’t seem difficult to practice, does it? Now, it’s your turn to have a try!

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