How to clean wood furniture with vinegar

How to clean wood furniture wood with Vinegar and other kitchen material? Wood is a kind of material widely used for furniture and home fixtures. Aside from being beautiful and elegant, this material is indeed more environmentally friendly. Besides, for certain types of wood like teak or mahogany, the strength and quality should not be questioned anymore.

But no matter how good your wood furniture is, it means nothing if the condition is dirty and dull. So, make sure to regularly clean it. Interestingly, cleaning wood furniture is not that difficult. You can do it by using the following ingredients and tools. What are they?

Cleaning Liquid and Sponge

There must be a cleaning liquid product at home whether it is for dishes or the floor. Sure, you can use it to clean your furniture also. To do it, prepare around a teaspoon of cleaning liquid, the amount should not be too much anyway. Pour it in a bowl and make a solution with around a glass of water. Rub wooden furniture gently with a sponge that has been wet by the solution. On a part with stain, you can rub it a little bit stronger.

Next, rinse the furniture with clean water while still using a sponge you have used before. Provide a clean and dry rug and wipe it thoroughly. Put your furniture in an open and airy area to let it completely dry.

Vinegar and Sponge or Rug

If there is no cleaning liquid at home, you should not worry. Try to take a look at your refrigerator if there is a bottle of vinegar. So, how to clean wood furniture with vinegar? It is almost the same as using the cleaning liquid above. You can even use it to clean a stain that is really difficult to remove. But for such a stain, using water to make a vinegar solution is not enough. It is more recommended to use olive oil.

Make a mixture of vinegar and olive oil with a ratio of 50:50. The mixture should not be too much. Pouring a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of olive oil is enough. Use a sponge or rug to rub the furniture with the mixture you have made before. You can focus on rubbing stains that are almost impossible to remove until it is completely clean. Next, rinse it with water. If the furniture surface keeps oily, you can use soap water first before the clean one.

Baking Soda Solution

The next tip still comes from your kitchen. If the bakery is your hobby, baking soda is an ingredient you must have. Well, you can use it to clean unremovable stains effectively. Similar to some other tips mentioned before, you only need to make a solution of a teaspoon of baking soda with only less than a glass of water. You should rub it gently. It may take a longer time for a much better result.

After the stain is completely gone, rinse it with water. Place your furniture in the open air to let it dry as well as to avoid the appearance of water spots. So, those are simple methods of how to clean wood furniture.

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