How to clean wood bowls

How to clean wood bowls? If you love keeping wooden furniture in your house, you might the wood bowl pretty attractive. It can be a great item for your kitchen decoration. Nevertheless, it will not be a kitchen decoration only. It will be a great salad bowl as well. The wood bowl is usually used for serving cold dishes, after all. Because of its purpose for serving the dish, you have to be careful when cleaning it. It will be a little bit different from how to clean wood furniture.

Regular Cleaning

This is the very basic way to clean your wooden bowl. You need to use warm water mixed with mild soap for dishwashing. When scrubbing the surface of the bowl, you should do it lightly. It means that you need to use a soft cloth or sponge with non-abrasive characteristics. When rinsing the wood bowl, you must do it in clean and warm water as well. You can hand dry the bowl by using an absorbent towel. Yet, this is still the basic method on how to clean wood bowls.

Wood Bowl Do Not

Yes, we agree that the wooden bowl looks great. However, it needs specific maintenance to keep it in its best shape and look. You cannot just simply use the methods on how to clean wood furniture without paying attention to the maintenance aspect. You have to avoid some things when using the wooden bowl to keep it last longer. You cannot put the wood bowl in the microwave and dishwasher. You must not soak it and do abrasive scrubbing on its surface. Using harsh chemicals will not do as well.

Deep Clean

If you use the wooden bowl often, your bowl might accumulate debris and dirt over time. It is possible especially if you do not clean and season it regularly. The methods on how to clean wood bowls will not be enough. You need to deep clean it especially if you can see food stains or smell an unpleasant odor. The main purpose of deep clean the wooden bowl is to attack the bacteria that causes the odor.

For this purpose, you can use lemon juice to rub all over the surface of the bowl. You can also use a solution made from one part of white vinegar and five parts of water. Again, you need to wipe it all over the bowl surface. After one or two minutes, you can rinse it in warm water. Last but not least, you can finish the process by applying the basic cleaning method.


The reason why you need to know how to clean wood furniture is not only that you want to free it from the bad odor but you also want to make it look new. The dull and dry look of the wooden bowl will make it look ugly. In this circumstance, you need to season your wooden bowl. For your information, wood comes with natural oil and finishing oil. When it looks dull and dry, it means that it loses its oil. That is why you need to season it with oil. Your wooden bowl will look better and last longer.

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