how do you restore a wood table

How do you restore a wood table? you might be planning on buying a new table because the existing one is not that good any longer. It does not look great as it used to. However, why should you buy a new wooden table if the existing one is still good enough? If the look becomes your biggest concern, you can try to apply some steps on how to clean wood furniture to make your old wood table look new.

With Wood-cleaning Soap and Petroleum Jelly

For the first method, you will need a wood-cleaning soap for washing your wooden table clean. You rub a piece of cloth dipped in the cleaning solution all over your wooden table. There might be some water stains or white wrings on your wooden tables. To clean them, you can apply petroleum jelly and leave it on your table overnight. Do not forget to wipe your table surface clean. This method on how do you restore a wood table is super simple.

If you find some chips on your wooden table, you can fill up the damage with wax or epoxy putty. To make sure that the color of the table is even, you can cover the putty or wax-filled area with a wood stain. If you find any discoloration on your wooden table, a gel stain will be a great help to bring the original color back. Once you do the methods on how to clean wood furniture, you need to apply a protective finish to rejuvenate the wooden table sheen.

With Sandpaper

Sandpaper can also be a great item that can be used for restoring your old wooden table. If you are asking about how do you restore a wood table with sandpaper, you need to clean your wooden table first. Coarse sandpaper should be used for rubbing the surface of the table. Sanding has a purpose to get rid of the primer and paint layers. you will get the bare wood look after sweeping off the sanding dust. You should sand the table again with gentler sandpaper. You always need to clean the debris after sanding. To get a natural wooden sheen, you can apply furniture oil such as teak or tung oil. You can also paint it if you want to get a new color for your table.

With Everyday Items

If you think that you will need professional items on how to clean wood furniture to make it look brand new, you can be completely wrong. Everyday items can be used for restoring the wooden table. You can use coconut oil which is beneficial for hydrating your wooden table and making it look better with a nice sheen. You can even use your kitchen item to make your wooden table get a dark stain that looks natural. All that you need is any kind of vinegar. You can combine three parts of any cooking oil and one part of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. It is great to restore the wooden table with damages and nicks.

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