Furniture made in Indonesia

Furniture made in Indonesia is well known for its quality. Many customers around the world are interested in the furniture made in Indonesia especially rattan and wooden furniture like teak wood, sugar wood, mahogany wood, and many more. United stated and Australia is the main market for Indonesia furniture. Indonesia furniture well known not only with the quality, but they also have unique pcs like a teak bowl, driftwood statue, horse wood, motorcycle wood, and many unique items.

We would like to inform you that teak wood is the best furniture made in Indonesia. It has unique grain or texture so mos of teak wood furniture from Indonesia normally made with un-finished. No chemical treatment, just sanding and it ready to use. Teak table, teak chair, the teak stool is the best seller. Un-finished teak furniture is normally for AB grade teak wood material, if you are using teak wood with grade C, may little chemical treatment will be applied since the original teak color will be various. You need to make it uniform by using chemical treatment.

Another furniture that still trending now is the slab wood table. Normally it made from Suar wood. It has a very nice shape with dark colors in the middle and lighter color on the edge. This slab wood table normally combines with iron leg or aluminum leg with powder coating finishing to get high durability. This slab wood table is suitable for you if you would like to have a meeting table and home decor functions. Its a great idea using this wood slab table.

If you are going to buy the furniture from Indonesia, make sure the quality of the craftsmanship is very important. Normally the price will be equal to the quality. It is not easy to find good quality at very low prices. Good quality means paying more attention to the checking process, more quality person, more time, so the price will be higher. Actually each company has almost the same step when they are checking the quality, the difference is the detail. You can ask every step of the checking process for the company you want to buy.

There are a lot of furniture companies in Indonesia, you can find it online, just check reviews on their google business or find out them more on their Instagram, Facebook, or other social media. You can check how they are interacting with the customer, their service, etc. If you still need more information, please contact us now.

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