Explore the Benefits of Buying Furniture in The Raw

Furniture in the raw condition means that it is unfinished yet. Some people decide to buy this furniture for some reason. Check the reason below why they love to buy raw furniture.


Buying unfinished furniture is a solution for those who only have limited money. You can get cheaper costs by taking this type of product. The cost is excluding the finish and any treatments to make it ready-to-use furniture. Imagine that the cost can be 50% cheaper compared to finished wooden furniture. A specific manufacturer, such as Furniture Indonesia is ready with a variety of unfinished appliances, including tables, chairs, cabinets, and many more.

Create a More Personal Appliance

Since you are buying furniture in the raw, you can finish it as you wish. You can choose your favorite color, brushing technique, and stain style to create a more personal appliance. It is a fun option for those who love DIY interior projects at home. The good thing is that you can also mix and match the finish with the decoration of the room. The furniture will make your room or house look different from others only because you are buying unfinished furniture.

Low Maintenance

Unfinished appliances are also a solution for those who are looking for a low-maintenance product. Maintaining this product is easy without requiring extra money. You don’t need fancy polish, or expensive cleansers only to clean up the furniture. All you have to do is clean it up with a cloth and dishwashing liquid. Then, put the furniture in a shady area to keep it moist of the wood. That’s it! you will have furniture that you can use for many years.

Many Options

When you find the finished furniture version, you may find the unfinished version. Unfinished furniture varies. You can even find the appliances you need online if you can’t look around your area. Let’s say you can order unfinished or raw furniture at FurnitureIndonesia.co.id. They will send the furniture to your address. That’s it! You don’t need to go outside, yet you get the furniture and start the DIY project immediately.

Improve Your Creativity and Uniqueness

Unfinished furniture is also imperfect. You may find small cracks, rot, discoloration, and knots. Despite the imperfections, the furniture is using high-quality wood. You can use your creativity to make it look new and eye-catching. Indeed, you will be satisfied if the unfinished appliances look new because of your treatments. The result can be out-of-the-box and unique because it comes from your creativity.

Now, you know the reason why some people love to buy furniture in the raw. You can also try to buy furniture in the raw and play with it to create an outstanding product. Fill your unfinished furniture needs by visiting FurnitureIndonesia.co.id. This manufacturer is ready with a variety of raw furniture from any wooden materials. The team is specializing in crafting furniture from teak wood, mahogany wood, Suar wood, and many more. You can consult with an expert to get the best-unfinished appliances for various purposes.

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