Country french furniture reproductions

Country French furniture reproductions, where to buy? While simple and minimalist home decorations are being a trend currently, the classic one is still demanded. One of them is the country French design and ideas. This type of interior may easily remind you of the atmosphere of rural areas in French with all of the natural vibes.

Sure, having a country French home does not complete without a set of furniture with the same theme. Maybe, you just wonder where to buy such furniture to place inside your home.

Indonesia is one of the producing countries for country French furniture

To buy country French furniture, it doesn’t mean you must go to the country where it originally comes from. This style has been global so that you can find it anywhere no matter where you live.

But the problem is, not all places are gifted with good and high-quality materials to form country French furniture. Exporting the logs from other countries? Of course, it is possible but it just makes the final price get more expensive. So, why don’t you buy the furniture product from a country where many qualified blocks of wood come from. One of them is Indonesia.

Naturally, Indonesia has some resources to produce furniture coming from its forests and plantations. One of them is teak wood. Uniquely, the teak wood is typical from Indonesia so that it is quite difficult to find in other countries. It has some characteristics like the high level of strength, rapid and strong fibers, unique yellowish-brown color, and many more. Furniture made from teak is guaranteed to be durable as the old the wood is, it is getting better.

Some other woods and materials used for furniture are rattan, bamboo, mahogany woods, and more. Interestingly, most of them are available in Indonesia also with great quality. Sure, it makes the country French furniture you are looking for more durable.

A Place to Buy Country French Furniture in Indonesia

Well, you have found a country that produces country French furniture with high quality. So, the next question is what shop to go to? It is by remembering that there must be so many shops for wood and furniture. If you want to avoid any disappointment after buying a furniture product, you can go to Furniture Indonesia. is the ultimate place for Indonesian furnitures with many high-quality products. From the perspective of materials, furniture products sold here are made from teak wood, teak root, and more in which the quality should not be questioned anymore. You should not worry about the furniture will be easily broken or something as the quality and resistance have been guaranteed.

In term of the design, furniture products in this store are made by creative hands with high skills and knowledge. If your intention is country French products, you can see some sets of furniture with a combination of vintage and shabby chic styles in pastels. To make them look more country French, place some accessories with the same idea. Not to forget, there should be flowers and pastel fabrics for a better French country style at home. So, where to get country French furniture reproductions? It is in

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